Recently, the Schmizza that has called Eagle Point home for over 2 years has found new digs up the road.

Owner Ryan McIntyre has redesigned this location from the ground up with some of coolest artwork your eyes have ever come across.  With plenty of room to hang with the amigos and eat pizza like a boss, it’s  bad – in the good way. You know it, we know it. Let’s not dispute it.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to grace us with your presence, we encourage you to stop in and do so. We’ll fill your pie hole with the best pizza on the planet. If you’ve visited the old location, you’ll be happy to know that even legendary rock guitarist, SLASH, has found his new home here.

Swing by 11138 Highway 62 in Eagle Point for some pizza, dranks and a good time and be sure to connect with Schmizza Pub & Grub in Eagle Point on Facebook as well!

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