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Nov. 8, 2012 – A new report from the International Franchise Association (IFA), prepared by Franchise Business Review, shows over 64,000 veterans, military spouses and wounded warriors have started careers in franchising, including 4,314 who have become veteran franchise business owners, since 2011 through Operation Enduring Opportunity, a campaign of the International Franchise Association’s VetFran Strategic Initiative.

“As we continue to work hard each and every day to extend career opportunities to our nation’s veterans, we are gratified to recognize the great progress that has been made by employers across all segments of the franchising industry,” said IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira. “As we celebrate Veterans Day, we must keep up the momentum to enable our nation’s veterans to fulfill their dreams and find meaningful career opportunities here at home.”

With over 1 million veterans transitioning out of military service by 2015, IFA answered First Lady Michelle Obama’s call to assist in the transition effort through the White House Joining Forces initiative. On November 10, 2011, IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira joined the First Lady to announce Operation Enduring Opportunity, an unprecedented commitment by the franchise industry to hire as team members and recruit as franchise business owners 75,000 veterans and military spouses, plus 5,000 wounded warriors, by 2014. Operation Enduring Opportunity expanded IFA’s VetFran strategic initiative, launched in 1991 to help veterans of the first Gulf War, adding a hiring component in addition to its original franchise owner development mission, to address the immediate needs of returning veterans.

There has been a surge of franchise brands hiring and recruiting veterans since 2011. Over 150 new franchise companies have joined VetFran since the launch of Operation Enduring Opportunity, for a total of over 530 franchise brands now actively hiring and developing veterans as franchise business owners. A list of companies is available here.

Other key findings from the report:

  • 64,880 veterans have started careers in franchising since 2011.
  • 4,314 veterans became franchisees among companies according to industry surveys.
  • Veterans hire veterans. Veteran franchise owners were 30 percent more likely to have hired a veteran than non-veteran-owned franchise businesses.
  • Most popular franchise industries among veterans coming into franchising include Automotive (16%), General Services (15%), Food (15%), Residential/Home Services (11%), and Business Services (8%).
  • Four out of five veterans “enjoy operating” their franchise business (83%), “enjoy being part of this franchise organization,” (81%), would “recommend to others” their franchise brand (79%).
  • 95% of franchisees surveyed believe that veterans are a good fit for employment within their franchise business.

“Franchising is good for veterans and veterans are good for franchising. Successful franchises run on proven and structured systems, and members of the military are used to implementing systems, following procedures and striving for operational excellence, which leads to success in franchising,” said Caldeira.

“Our recent research of veterans in franchising is one of the broadest studies ever done on the topic, and we now have hard evidence that veterans are very qualified and satisfied franchise owners,” said Eric Stites, President & CEO, Franchise Business Review.