2011 Schmizza Owner of the Year Award – Andre Jehan

Andre_Batmobile_PearlWho doesn’t know Andre? From existing franchisees to PSU students and Tanasbourne residents, Andre is well-known in his communities. Besides being the initial founder of the Pizza Schmizza brand back in 1993, and continuing to be the developer of all of Schmizza’s great combinations and recipes, he continues to run two of the most successful Schmizza locations in the chain: the Pub & Grub on Montgomery in Portland and the Tanasbourne Schmizza. Andre’s Montgomery Pub & Grub had a sales increase of 27.05% over 2010!

Why does Andre insist on owning his own stores? He loves being his own boss. With his innovative marketing tactics, great customer service, and inventive menu items, he’s able to maintain his consistent customer base as well as bring in new customers.

Andre attributes his “$2 Slice Cards” and “$16 All Day” specials as two of the best marketing pieces he’s currently using as being a way of keeping customers happy and at the same time, continuing to put money in his pocket. The “$2 Slice Cards” are most commonly used by customers on 2 slices, so that customer is spending $4 instead of one regular slice at $3.50. There’s an additional $.50 made per transaction. The “$16 All Day” special apply to large cheese, pepperoni, or Don Ho pies. This increases the number of whole pies sold each day.

Andre has come up with most (if not all) of the Schmizza menu items you see at the locations today. He has a definite talent for working in the kitchen to come up with delicious and unique items. His favorite menu item is the Steak & Mushroom Pasta. In his words, “It’s like a great stroganoff!”

Congratulations to Andre for consistently achieving the highest sales in the Pizza Schmizza chain! It is obvious that you have found your passion in Schmizza and continue to achieve lofty goals for yourself and your team; all the while having a lot of fun doing it!