May 19, 2011

Schmizza Goes Green!

Ron Bednar, owner of the Forest Grove Pizza Schmizza located at 2042 Main St. believes in going green.  He’s now using his tricycle as a pizza delivery vehicle.  Equipped with three wheels, a tie-dyed pizza carrier on the back of the trike, and a bugle horn on front, this gas-free transport is perfect for all of the deliveries in town and to Pacific University.

“Just yesterday, we had over 10 deliveries to the University alone,” said Bednar.  “We’ve only had the bike for 4 days and already it’s coming in handy.  People love it.”

The City of Forest Grove is working with Bednar on where to best park the bike, but for now, it’s happily chained in front of the store between deliveries.

Listen to a recorded 2-part radio interview, links below.