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Pizzas sizes available:


Now Available: Gluten-free crust for any medium pizza!


cheese.jpg CHEESE
A creamy pile of 100% mozzarella & parmesan cheese.
donhoslice.jpg DON HO
Canadian bacon & pineapple on a sea of cheese.
pepperoni.jpg PEPPERONI
Cheesy goodness with pepperoni on top.


comboclassico.jpg COMBO CLASSICO
Mounds of mushrooms, black olives & crumbled Italian sausage.
GenoaSlice.jpg GENOA
Genoa salami, mushrooms, olives, pepperoni & italian sausage.
olhickory.jpg OL' HICKORY
Hickory smoked bacon, baby red potatoes, roma tomatoes & a dollop of sour cream.
PapasFavorite_slice.jpg PAPA'S FAVORITE
Ground beef, garlic & red onions.
SchMeatTrio_slice.jpg SCH'MEAT TRIO
Canadian bacon, pepperoni & ground beef.
schpaghetti-meatball.jpg SCHPAGHETTI & MEATBALL
Marinated meatballs on a bed of Mama Schmizza’s schpaghetti with a splash of marinara sauce & a sprinkle of feta cheese.
Genoa salami, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, crumbled Italian sausage, ground beef, bacon & sliced spicy Italian sausage link.
steakpotatoslice.jpg STEAK & POTATO
Marinated choice steak, baby red potatoes & a splash of sour cream.
traditionalslice.jpg TRADITIONAL
Pepperoni, green peppers, red onions & black olives.
UncleBuck_slice.jpg UNCLE BUCK
Ground beef & Canadian bacon topped with cilantro & chopped tomatoes.


bbq-chicken.jpg BBQ CHICKEN
Texas-style marinated chicken, red onions, tomatoes & feta cheese atop our BBQ Sauce base.
Chicken_Bacon_Ranch_Web.jpg CHICKEN BACON RANCH
Garlic chicken, bacon pieces, Canadian bacon & cooked tomatoes atop a ranch base, finished with a drizzle of ranch.
cochino-chicken.jpg COCHINO CHICKEN
Pesto chicken, red onions, hickory smoked bacon & feta cheese.
creole.jpg CREOLE
Spicy chicken, smoked mozzarella, red onions & roasted red peppers.
green-chicken.jpg GREEN CHICKEN PIE
Pesto chicken, fresh spinach, marinated artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes & feta cheese.
no-kiss-tonight.jpg NO KISS TONIGHT
Garlic chicken, red onions & feta cheese atop our alfredo sauce.
spicy-thai.jpg SPICY THAI
Garlic chicken, roasted red peppers, crushed red peppers & cilantro on a spicy peanut sauce base.
yucateco-garlic-noodle.jpg YUCATECO GARLIC NOODLE
Mexican-roasted chicken, sun-dried tomatoes & feta cheese on a bed of Mama Schmizza’s garlic noodles.
Pesto chicken, fresh spinach, red onions, black olives, roma tomatoes & feta cheese.


extreme-veggie.jpg EXTREME VEGGIE
Roasted red & green peppers, fresh mushrooms, spinach, onions, zucchini, black olives & garlic.
foofooslice.JPG FOO FOO
Marinated artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic & feta cheese.
greek-veggie.jpg GREEK VEGGIE
Fresh spinach, roma tomatoes, red onions, black olives, garlic & feta cheese.
Margheritaslice.jpg MARGHERITA
Fresh basil, roasted roma tomatoes & feta cheese atop an olive oil & garlic base.
popeye-slice.jpg POPEYE & OLIVE OIL
Fresh spinach leaves on a bed of creamy alfredo sauce with roma tomatoes, garlic & feta cheese.
rusticslice.jpg RUSTIC PIE
Baby red potatoes, roma tomatoes, garlic, broccoli & a sprinkle of feta cheese.
veggiebaby.JPG VEGGIE BABY
Fresh spinach, red bell peppers, onions, tomatoes & feta cheese atop a creamy alfredo base.


Tasty alligator sausage, crisp red peppers, onions & fresh tomatoes all atop Mama Schmizza’s noodles. Finished with cilantro, feta cheese & crushed red peppers to give it bite!



Alligator sausage, grilled chicken breast or spicy Italian sausage tossed in a spicy cajun chipotle cream sauce with penne pasta & finished with parmesan cheese.

frikinchicken.JPG FRIKIN' CHICKEN
Delicious grilled chicken breast strips & oven roasted broccoli with penne pasta tossed in a light basil pesto cream sauce & finished with parmesan cheese.
gardennoodle.jpg GARDEN NOODLE
Sauteed fresh spinach, black olives, mushrooms, red onions & zucchini with penne pasta tossed in olive oil & garlic, finished with roma tomatoes & parmesan cheese.
schpaghetti-meatball-pasta.jpg SCHPAGHETTI & MEATBALL PASTA
Spaghetti, tomato sauce & meatballs (or choose a spicy Italian sausage link instead) with parmesan cheese on top.
steakstripalfredo.JPG STEAK STRIP ALFREDO
Tender mesquite beef strips & pan fried mushrooms with penne pasta, finished with a creamy alfredo sauce & parmesan.


ceasar-schmeazer.jpg CAESAR SCHMAESAR
Fresh romaine lettuce tossed in a creamy Schmaesar dressing, finished with shredded parmesan & herbed croutons.
Our lettuce blend with cucumbers, fresh tomatoes & herbed croutons served with your choice of bleu cheese, ranch or feta vinaigrette.
greek-salad.jpg GREEK SALAD
Cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, oregano, red onion, kalamata olives & feta cheese on a bed of spinach leaves; served with feta vinaigrette.

Other Stuff

dipsticks.jpg DIPSTICKS

Six big dipsticks handmade with your choice of dipping sauce: Marinara, Ranch or Alfredo.

schmeezyBread.jpg SCHMEEZY BREAD
Cheesy garlic goodness with a side of marinara sauce for dunking. Add pepperoni for no charge!
schwings.jpg SCHWINGS
Choose from Plain, BBQ, Buffalo, Sweet Chili, Thai Peanut or Smokin’ Hot; served with Ranch or Bleu Cheese.
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